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Our History

Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church is a congregation in the North Carolina Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

Our congregation was officially formed on March 12, 1939. Prior to that date, in 1936, the foundation of the congregation was formed in the living room of two sisters who decided to share their faith through a weekly Bible study. The Bible studies of Carrie Helms and Mattie Middleton continued to grow, and worship services were held in a variety of locations.  On June 17, 1938, the Reverend John Lasley became the first full-time pastor of the mission congregation, and was then called as the first full-time pastor of Good Shepherd, a member of the old United Lutheran Church in America.

A lot was purchased at the corner of Mulberry and Herman Streets on January 29, 1939 at a cost of $2,150.  On March 29, 1940, ground was broken to begin construction on the beautiful stone edifice with the red doors.

The congregation outgrew the old facility, so a new location was sought, and on September 8, 1996 the first worship service was held in our present building.  We currently share our facility with the Protestant Preschool and Kindergarten (PP&K), housing over 100 children during the school year.

We look forward to the work of God's all-powerful Spirit, as He leads us into many more years of ministry in His Holy Name!

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