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July 3, 2019

Last week I enjoyed the vacation time. I found it amazingly difficult to change my habits in order to relax. For example, my dog was mystified at first when I did not leave the house as usual. He knows that when I brush my hair, brush my teeth, apply a little lip balm, and pick up the keys—it’s time for him to “kennel up.” When I did those things last week and grabbed the keys for the garden shed --he came out of his crate and happily followed me outside. At first Cash was a little confused.


It wasn’t until my house guest arrived on Wednesday that I was able to take off my watch and enter into sabbath time without a schedule. I didn’t realize that a pleasurable and relaxed schedule could take so long to accomplish. It was good to have the help of my house guest, who didn’t want to hurry to the beach, but prepare breakfast and dawdle before heading to the coast. The dog adapted to the extra attention too. Thanks Jennifer!


Habits help us get through the day. Change creates its own kind of anxiety, doesn’t it?


At Synod Assembly the focus was on fashioning Vital Congregations. You can probably guess one of the key elements; change. Churches can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results. That just leads to layers of frustration for members, council members, and pastors.


Remember a couple of weeks ago when the sides of the sanctuary were roped off? It was suggested to me to combat the summer attendance slump. It seemed like a good idea. I noticed some uncertainty, but the singing was better and it was easier to focus on preaching with everyone sitting together. Would anyone really be upset if we did again or even for the whole summer?


Our brains are complex multifaceted organs that can do much more than we imagine. Shaking things up keeps us alert and excited about what comes next. Have you ever tried using a computer mouse with your non-dominate hand or writing with your opposite hand? It is scientifically proven that challenging the brain is a good thing.


How can we make “good” changes to our life together so the joy of the Lord challenges our worship, faith, and service?


Pastor Joanna

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