Food for the Flock Devotional 11

September 6, 2017

Psychologists say that we are creatures of habit. We are complex ever-evolving creatures who like patterns. For example, the refrigerator can become a black hole without some organization. (Even a “black hole” is a method of organization.) The carton of milk can usually be found on the same corner of the shelf. If it gets moved to another section of the fridge others suspect that a burglar has stolen the milk-or worse yet-there is no milk in the household. Does this sound familiar?


Yes, we are creatures of habit. There is nothing particularly wrong with that. Millions of dollars have been spent in industry on time/motion studies to organize workbenches, assembly lines, and even desks so that workers can be efficient. Creating habits creates speed, speed in production creates profit.


That being said, with the recognition that we are creatures of habit let me suggest that changing the place you sit in worship can be a good thing. Please realize I am not calling for a change, I’m just putting forward some ideas that I recently discovered in an article about worship. You decide how you want to use the information.


The reason to move your seat in worship include: staying in the same place from week to week makes us too comfortable. We begin to feel that it is our assigned seat and may become resentful when a visitor takes “our seat”. If we move our seat we may get to know different people. Even in a church the size of GSLC there are some people we don’t know as well—mix it up and meet newer people. By moving your seat in the sanctuary, you will see and hear the service differently. Surprisingly a new seat may afford you a different experience in worship. Another reason to move is that someone else may need your seat which may be closer to the restroom or the communion rail. Finally, moving around alters the way we think and process things. Changing for the sake of change is good for us; it keeps our minds alert and helps us embrace change. Varying our seats in worship can make us flexible not just in worship but comfortable with modifications that come daily in life. Try it; you might like it.


Pastors and church councils often laugh about change ups, but it is good for individuals and the church. May our faith be refreshed and transformed as we enter the new program year.


Pastor Joanna

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